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Training overview
Are you agile yet? Would you like to be? Ever wondered what ‘Scrum’ is all about? If it’s a hype or something that can help you be successful? This training will give you background on agile and will give you fundamental knowledge of the Scrum framework – allowing you to prepare for the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) I exam.
This PSM I certificate is widely recognized as a key qualification to participate in a Scrum team. But even if you will not be ‘scrumming’, the agile principles – with their foundation
in LEAN – will provide you with tools to increase your success in reaching objectives and have fun on the way too. The training incorporates many hands-on exercises that will
bring the agile concepts to life. The last section of the training will interactively focus on common real-life agile challenges and will offer best practices to effectively address these.

Target audience
nyone who works in or with a Scrum team, or wants to learn what agile (and Scrum) is all about.

Learning objectives

  • Awareness of the origins of agile – and the relation with LEAN
  • Understand how agile principles can increase your productivity, predictability and quality
  • Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of the Scrum roles, events, artifacts, and the rules that bind them together in the Scrum process, as described in the Scrum Guide (through the PSM I exam)
  • Understand common agile challenges and how to cope with them


Evening 1

  • A brief history of agile and LEAN
  • Pillars of Scrum: the feedback cycle as the basis for continuous improvement
  • Roles in agile: why you don’t need a project manager
  • Planning your work: fancy a game of Poker?

Evening 2

  • Daily Scrum: the basis for team success in only 15 minutes a day
  • The power of visualization: from Kanban board to burn-down chart
  • Sharpening the saw: how self-organizing and cross-functional teams keep improving
  • Professional Scrum Master exam preparation
  • At own discretion: Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Exam
  • Self-study of the Scrum Guide ( and PSM I exam (

Evening 3

  • Scrum can fail: how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Scaling agile: how does this work with multiple teams?
  • Distributed agile: how to effectively work with co-workers in other locations and culture

About the Trainer
Jacques Dunselman has been managing projects and programs for over 20 years. Since he came into contact with agile in 2008 he’s been a believer: “I saw that agile principles gave more control, better predictability and resulted in higher quality than the traditional waterfall approaches”. He enjoys sharing his experiences at conferences, but also as a trainer. He’s a passionate private pilot and provides a unique view on management by combining his aviation insights with management principles.

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