Trainer / Coach Rutger

As coach I believe that everyone has his own answers deep inside him (or her). Deep inside yourself, you know what is best for you. The difficult part is often to reach that part inside yourself. To listen to that part of you. Only when you make contact with your deeper self (by connecting brain, heart and body), you can find out what truely matters to you.

Is it difficult tot connect brain-heart-body? That depends. Maybe in the beginning it is difficult. As academic Engineer in the High Tech Sector, I know from my own experience that it is logical that you try to tackle “issues” by thinking, by solving with the brain. That is the way we are educated as technicians and that is the way we do it in our daily work. However, from own experience, I know now that the heart and body have a lot to tell you as well. And by listening tot that, you get fundamental answers. Together we can look at what yóu need to reach those answers and to what your subconscious has to tell you. I can assist you in the process of finding your own answers. Advice from others (although well-meant) is often widely available, but I am convinced that your own answers are the only answers that truely matter, and therefore will help you further in the long run.

Since 2007, I have been coaching Technical Professionals. In the beginning from a Senior role in a form of mentorship. In 2012 I have rounded of the education Coaching for Professionals. I am now registred as Qualified Coach at the ST!R. My approach during the coaching sessions is based on “systems thinking” and Psychology of Jung (working with the subconscious). People whom I have coached have expressed that they experience that I bring calmness into the coaching sessions. And besides that, I find humor and “putting things in perspective” important aspects of our sessions.
Typically a complete individual coaching program consists of an intake (to understand the coaching question and to set the goal), followed approximately 6 sessions of 1,5 hour. Depending on the exact question, the program might be a little shorter. During the sessions itself, various techniques and methods are used -depending on the nature of the coaching question- to help you find your own answers.

A coaching session with Rutger is 150 Bright Coins per session (1,5 hours).