Dutch Language Course

When : February and September 2015
Frequency : 15 evenings, once per week 2 hours
Organisation : STE Languages
Investment : 700 Bright Coins

Effective language training requires a solid and reliable approach. That’s why we at STE Languages always use the same tried and tested method. Every language training programme begins with an intake which can be held in one of our offices or at your organisation, on the phone or even via our Virtual Classroom.

STE staps

At STE Languages, the personal intake by a language trainer consists of an interview and a written test. The following topics will be discussed during the interview:

• Reasons for taking a language training course and personal motivation
• Job title and professional field
• Learning objectives
• General (educational) background of the course participant
• Time available and planning

Based on this interview and the written exam the starting level and target level of each course participant will be determined. You will receive a written report with the levels, the learning objectives and the advice of STE Languages as to which language training course is the most suitable.

After receiving your approval, the start date of the language training course will be arranged. As to planning the course, the dates and times of the course will be discussed with the course participants and the organisation. Attendance and motivation are key factors in achieving the required results.

STE Languages offers a wide range of language training courses. For example, we offer individual training programmes, group courses, in-company courses, Virtual Classroom, workshops and language assessments. Would you like to find out more about a specific language training programme? Then click on the link of the language training programme.

An interim evaluation is held halfway through every language training course. This allows us to quickly make any changes should this prove necessary. If necessary, we will adjust your language training programme. At the end of every language training course a final evaluation is held. After completing the language training course, course participants receive a certificate with the language level they have achieved and individual advice about follow-up training courses.