Employager 1.0 Design Challange

The Challange

At the initiative of the City of Eindhoven, the Red Bluejay Foundation launches a new Design Challenge around people with a distance to the labour market. We challenge designers, thinkers and do’ers to come up with new solutions to organize work in such a way that more people have a chance to participate. This can be in the form of “social design”, an instrument, an app or a methodology.

Our Entrance

The Social Seat

“Imagine that there are special places within companies in the Brainport region, where people with autism like Tess, can take a seat to decrease her distance to the job market. Just an environment where she gets opportunities and support, fitting in her day-to-day routine”

  • Tess has great focus in her day to day work
  • Tess works with great accuracy
  • Tess can really dig into work, creating tremendous productivity
  • Tess works SMART!
    – Systematically
    – Mathematical
    – Accurate
    – Repetitive
    – Truthfully

The Result

A great idea was pitched to the Employager organisation and they where impressed with the amount of work we have done in this short amount of time. Allas, we can not win every time, we did not make the Finals, however for us that was never the goal.