The Challenge

We were asked by JETNET to create a game for the ASML & Philips Girlsday. This event is to promote Beta sciences amongst young girls. In the Netherlands we have a shortage of Beta students, especially amongst girls. In order to show how great a life in the Beta sciences can be this event was created. The game should have attraction to young girls but also show & learn technical skills in a fun way.

The Project

We decided to build the RobotChallange! Along with a team from ASML we spent an evening brainstorming. Since ASML is already involved in promotion of Beta sciences they already had some nice tools to play with! One of these tools where eight Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots. With these robot’s we made three area’s where the girls could play, learn and execute their new found skills.

The first area was a Lego petting zoo, here we had prebuild robots where the girls could play with. From a dog that barks when you pet his back to a color scanning robot that would turn left on blue and right on red.. and many more.

The second area was the learning zone, here you where given a tablet with the Lego Mindstorm game on it. In this game you have to guide a robot from start to finish while letting him perform tasks. You basically had to “program” this robot’s path. This learned the girls the fundamentals of thinking in programming. You had 15 minutes and where competing against other girls to complete as many levels as you could.

The third area was the execution. Here you had to apply the skills learned in the second area. The girls had to team up with another girl in teams of two. Two teams would compete against each other. They had to program the path of a real robot towards a goal and then shoot a ball in this goal. However the other team had the chance to place obstacles in the path of the robot.

The Result

We were a real hit! In one day we had more than 1200 girls coming through our stand. It was allot of fun!

Check out the video of our RobotChallange!