GLOW project “A study in Light”

Banner_Bright siteThe Challenge

Inspired by the International year of Light 2015, four scientists from Bright Society asked twelve briljant kids from the Eckart College in Eindhoven a few questions about light.

What is visible light?
Why does a flame emit light?
What is “colour temperature”?
What is a photon?
How do we see colours?
How does a LED work?

From the history of light generation 4 light sources where picked to answer these and more questions, Candle, Lightbulb, LED and Laser.

This was the start of an exciting adventure…

The Project

Four members of Bright Society teamed up with 12 highschool students from the Eckart Technasium to design experiments. These experiments would give them the answers. These experiments where to be made into an educational but fun video that would be shown during the Eindhoven GLOW festival of 2015.

The Result

The students tearned, the members had fun and we deliverd a great video that was shown at the GLOW café in the Eindhoven Parktheater as part of GLOW 2015. Proud of this succes we took the students to view the end result and had a great time together!