Influencing Skills

Do you recognize the following statements?

  • I feel like I’m too easily influenced by others.
  • I think I could achieve more / be more effective in my projectrole, if I only knew how to influence other projectmembers or colleagues.
  • How come some colleagues seem to easily reach their goals and why can’t I?
  • The moment I’m not succesfull in trying to influence someone, I’m not aware of how to improve that or what to learn for the next time.
  • I would like to be more flexibel in influencing my professional partners in a more effective way.


And? Did you recognize yourself in (some of) the statements? Then this training addresses just what you need to become a more effective ‘influencer’!


Goal of training

After the training you will:

  • know the main influencing styles with their corresponding types of behavior.
  • know your preferred style but you will also be able to use all other styles.
  • be able to use a checklist as a help to choose the most suitable style in a situation which is very important for you to reach your goal.
  • have practiced to prepare yourself for a Critical Influence Situation.

The trainers will make sure that the evenings have sufficient room for theory, practice and questions, in a pleasant and safe atmosphere.


The goal:

To learn different styles of influencing,  what your preferred style has been up to now and how to apply other styles, depending on the situation.


Before the training:
You will receive:

  • A text to read about the different influencing styles and corresponding types of behaviour.
  • A questionnaire to be filled in in order to understand your preferred style of influence.

This questionnaire will be used on the first evening.

First evening:

  • The questionnaire will be the basis to create and understand your personal influence-profile.
  • Explanation of the different styles and corresponding behaviour types.
  • Exercise with the different styles and corresponding behaviour types.
  • Homework for evening two: practice with a style which you normally do not use.


Second evening:

  • Feedback session on homework.
  • Explanation of 5-step plan for Critical Influence Situation. This is a situation at work which you find difficult to deal with. Work out a personal plan.
  • Set homework for last evening


Third evening.

You as participants will bring in topics which are currently relevant for you.

The topics will strongly depend on the needs of the participants, but as example:

  • How did the Critical Influence Situation work out?
  • What are your lessons learned?
  • Exercise your most difficult style further.
  • Stand-up coaching with respect to influencing skills.


Duration: 3 evening sessions, including dinner
Costs: 500 Bright Coins per member