Negotiation Skills

Do you recognize the following statements?

  • I have to negotiate almost every day in one way or the other, but I’m not really sure about the best way.
  • I find it difficult to keep the relation good while focusing on the maximum result.
  • I am afraid that the other thinks that I am only looking at my own interest while negotiating.
  • Sometimes negotiation goes smooth and the next time – in a comparable situation – it doesn’t work out. How come?
  • Afterwards I sometimes feel ‘trapped’ by my opponent, without exactly understanding why.

And? Did you recognize yourself in (some of) the statements? Then this training addresses just what you need, to make your next steps in more effective negotiation!

Training Goals:

The goal is to develop understanding and practice your negotiation skills, so you’ll directly benefit in your daily role and life. This training is related to influencing skills, but is based on a different perspective. Both perspectives are valuable on their own and will reinforce each other. Therefore it does not matter whether you do this training first or whether you do “Influencing skills” first.

After the training you will

  • know your preferred style and primary impulses in dealing with different interests.
  • be able how to use the method of principled negotiation and the five propositions (Fisher and Ury, The Harvard Negotiation Project).
  • know interesting and useful negotiation techniques and tactics.
  • be more flexible in dealing with manipulations due to a better understanding.
  • know the process and phases of a negotiation.
  • have practiced the above in a personal case.

The trainers will make sure that the evenings have sufficient room for theory, practice and questions, in a pleasant and safe atmosphere.

First evening

Before the training, you will perform an assignment; the so-called ‘conflict styles test’.

  • Exploration of (y-)our view on negotiation: what and when?
    • Perspective of Mastenbroek.
  • Outcome of the test which you did: what does this mean for you? What styles and primary impulses do you recognize? With what impact?
  • Explanation and exploration of the method of ‘principled negotiation’.
    • Introduction of the five propositions.
    • Application in a case.
  • Practical assignment.


Second evening

  • Feedback on the assignment.
  • Deepening the practical understanding of ‘principled negotiation’ and Mastenbroeks perspective.
  • Various negotiation tactics & techniques will be introduced, analysed and applied in several interactive excercises and challenges.
  • Preview third evening…


Third evening

You as participants will bring in your personal cases, which are currently relevant for you.
The topics will strongly depend on your needs as participants, but will be related to your negotiation skills and the mentioned topics above.
Some examples. What situations did you encounter which went well with your new insights? Where did it not go as you wanted or expected; and what could you do different next time?
We will use stand-up coaching with respect to negotiation skills.


Duration: 3 evening sessions, including dinner
Costs: 500 Bright Coins per member