Personal Leadership

Do you recognize the following statements?

  • I’m not always aware why I behave or react the way I do.
  • I tend to react too much to my environment and I would like to be in the lead myself.
  • I tend to worry too much or I sometimes suffer from negative thoughts and/or feelings.
  • I would like to be more assertive in particular situations: I say ‘yes’ too easily with a negative impact on myself


And? Did you recognize yourself in (some of) the statements? Then this training addresses just what you need to become a more personal effective!


Goal of training

After the training you will:

  • have a better insight into “your mechanisms” which lead to the way you behave.
  • understand the difference between doing, thinking and wanting.
  • be able to define your personal boundaries/limits and maintain balance.
  • understand your personal self-defence mechanisms.
  • have experienced the power of vunerability.


Roel and Rutger will make sure that the evenings have sufficient room for theory, practice and questions, in a pleasant and safe atmosphere.


Training Goals:
The goal is to develop increased self knowlegde and self awareness, which increases your ability for self management.


First evening:

  • Explanation of a model for personal leadership to create awareness of the mechanisms which are working on an unconscious level but do lead to visible behaviour.
  • Explanation of the tool “ABC” to create awareness of the impact of your thoughts on your feelings and your behaviour.
  • Exercise the discussed theory in a case which you bring in from your working environment.
  • Homework for evening two: practice with the new insights.


Second evening:

  • Explanation of the model for giving and receiving feedback: theory and practice
  • Explanation of the different levels of assertiveness. Creating awareness of your style including pro’s and con’s.
  • Practicing and exercising with the new insights.


Third evening.

  • You as participants will bring in topics which are currently relevant for you.
  • The topics will strongly depend on your needs as participants, but will be related to self awareness and the mentioned topics above.
  • Some examples.What situations did you encounter which went well with your new insights? Where did it not go as you wanted or expected; and what could you do differently next time?
  • Stand-up coaching with respect to Self Knowledge or Self Awareness.



Duration: 3 evening sessions, including dinner
Costs: 500 Bright Coins per member