Project Based Work Dynamics

Do you recognize the following statements?

  • I’m relatively new (< 1 year) in working in projects, at least in a corporate setting.
  • I sometimes feel overwhelmed by my project environment and all the different terms and procedures.
  • I do not understand why sometimes the project leader decides and sometimes another person. What are all those roles in a project? And what is my role?
  • I get confused about the different phases of a project. They seem to change over time.
  • I sometimes have to help out in setting up a project. But I have no clue how to do that..


And? Did you recognize yourself in (some of) the statements? Then this training addresses just what you need to feel more ‘at ease’ in a challenging project environment!


Goal of training

After the training you will:

  • have gained insight in the dynamics of project based working.
  • understand the related terminology and the different phases of a project.
  • understand the different roles in a project team and the roles of the stake holders.
  • have insight in how to set-up, run and close a project.
  • know and understand various (soft-skill related) models, relevant for working in projects.


The training will make you understand the Prince II methodology.

The trainers will make sure that the evenings have sufficient room for theory, practice and questions, in a pleasant and safe atmosphere. You as participants will be continuously invited to share your own experience in projects, so it will be an interactive setting.


First evening:

  • An inventory of personal goals of each of the participants: these topics will get special attention during the course of the training.
  • Project definitions; what do all these terms in a project mean?
  • Starting a project: how do you set-up a project? What steps should you take?


Second evening:

  • Project execution: once a project is running; how to control a project and how to close it at the end; what are the steps to take?
  • Various supporting models (communication, decision making, interaction, time management)


Target audience
Project team members, but also people who consider a role as Project Leader. You benefit the most from this training in the first year as a Brighty.


Duration: 2 evening sessions including dinner

Costs: 300 Bright Coins per member