REDx 2015


The Challenge

The Red Cross, a well-known organisation in the Social Responsibility sector. When Glenn approached us with the idea of hosting the first ever REDx inspiration session we were immediately enthusiastic. This small scale event had to be set up from scratch, where Glenn was the event manager. He needed help in staffing the event, allocating sponsors and getting more people to the event. We decided to partner up and help out!

The Project

This REDx was a pilot, a spin-off from the well-known TEDx conferences. An inspiration session from and for the volunteers of the Red Cross, but also open for outsiders. The topic this time was Empowerment, how you can influence your own environment to be more safety aware. For instance how can you adjust your own home to better exit during a fire.

On this conference we had one afternoon with four speakers. The event was free to enter and this time mainly focused on volunteers from the Red Cross. We needed camera registration, a professional stage & location, program booklets, people that help out during the event and social media coordination.

The Result

The first ever REDx was a success already, the number of visitors still needs to grow but the atmosphere and organisation was fantastic. This will not be the last time that this great event will be hosted and next time Bright Society will be there to support it as well!