System Engineering

Goal of training
Using a mix of theory, examples and class cases, you will learn what a Product Creation Process is, and how the V model connects to the PCP. What the basis rules of requirements engineering are and why document reviewing is the first step in achieving excellent product quality. Furthermore you will be introduced to Risk Analysis and dynamic test techniques.

 Learned skills of all training days

  •  Understand what a PCP is
  •  Be able to identify your deliverables and activities in the PCP
  •  Understand the principle of the V model
  •  be able to map your function on the V model
  •  Understand the basic rules of creating requirements documents
  •  Practice the Inspection review technique
  •  Learn what benefit Templates and Guidelines can have
  •  Be familiar with the basics of Risk Analysis
  •  Understand how to get from requirements to a test design using test techniques

First evening overview

You will receive a hardcopy handout with the course sheets and cases. In the first evening the main topic is how product development is organized through a Product Creation Process and using the V model development method.

Homework: Check the PCP used at your company and identify your role in it

Second evening overview

The second evening focusses on the basic rules of requirements and defect finding in documentation through reviewing which you will practice with a class case.

Homework: Familiarize yourself with the types of review, the review rules and roles used at your company;

 Third evening overview

The third evening you will see how Templates and Guidelines help to create solid documentation. You will be introduced to the Risk Based Testing, a method to perform Risk Analysis on your system, and to Dynamic Test Techniques which are used to translate requirements to a test design with fitting coverage.

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