Time Management

Do you recognize the following statements?

  • I’m struggling with the amount of time which I need for my tasks versus the time which I had originally planned for it.
  • I find it challenging to determine which topics to work on and which to drop.
  • I keep on grinding in my head about what else I still have to do.
  • It is challenging to manage my balance between professional and private life

And? Did you recognize yourself in (some of) the statements? Then this training will cover your needs to deal more effectively with your time management!

Goal of training

The goal is to help you to manage yourself and your use of time to realize your goals. Therefore we (re)examine your goals and priorities in your current role and life. We look at the three pillars of time management; effectivity, efficiency and personal attitude. This includes the challenges you face in this respect: externally (in your environment) ánd internally (in yourself). We help you to develop a better understanding of your personal time management and help you to improve on this. Therefore you will work on your personal learning goals.

After the training you will:

  • understand the importance of the three pillars of time management and how these apply to you, so you will know your personal strengths and challenges.
  • gain insight in yourself from the assignment ‘reality-check’ (which you make in advance of the training).
  • be able to prioritize your work / life.
  • have identified and challenged your personal ‘timewasters and -disrupters’.
  • have selected and practiced time management advices, for example for planning purposes.
  • understand the importance of realistic planning and have practiced with this.
  • know – and know how to improve – your personal attitude towards time management and deal with (personal) challenging situations.
  • know how to implement the improvements in your personal life /time management and improve balance.
  • know how to work on experiencing more calmness and overview, professionally and privately.


Roel and Rutger will make sure that the evenings have sufficient room for theory, practice and questions, in a pleasant and safe atmosphere.

First evening:

Before the training, you will perform an assignment; the so-called ‘reality-check’

  • Exploration of the importance of the three pillars of time management: effectivity, efficiency and personal attitude.
  • Setting priorities in your work /life.
  • Analysing the outcome of the assignment ‘reality check’.
  • How to go from priorities to proper day-to-day focus and planning?
  • Personal action plans.


Second evening:

  • Harvest of evening one.
  • Challenging ‘time-wasters and -disrupters’.
  • Explore and practice with personal challenges regarding time management.
    • Setting boundaries
    • Finetuning priorities in consultation with your environment / stakeholders.
    • Dealing with persistant patterns and limiting thoughts / ‘mindfucks’.
  • Working on your personal balance


Duration: 2 evening sessions, including dinner
Costs: 300 Bright Coins per member