Trainer / Coach Roel

Roel Bonten: trainer / coach

Passion for ‘those who ‘love their job’’
Roel has worked since the last century () as a trainer / coach / consultant in ‘trade & industry’. With a background as a psychologist, he helps professionals and leaders in their personal and professional development. They often find out that – besides professional knowledge – also personal communication, self-management, consultancy and management/leadership are professions in themselves. Synergy between individual and organisational goals are pivotal to him.

“Through contact the building begins!”
Roel knows how to trigger people through his personal enthusiasm, connection and confidence. He stimulates and challenges you to go for beneficial development and sustainable results. He is convinced that people in organisations can learn how to make a difference, by using and increasing their awareness of their immense potential.

Focus on development and result
As a trainer/coach Roel accelerates this learning process: smoothly switching between theory and practice, insight and experience, thinking and doing. He uses the latest developments and insights in psychology. In addition to this, he draws on his (international) experience, his many qualifications (e.g. NLP), his healthy commonsense and intuition. Always having an eye for the connection between personal dynamics, beliefs and behaviour. Confronting or disarming, whichever is appropriate; but always with humour and always solution-oriented. Looking forward to meeting you!