Stijn Berden
“When I was twenty years old, I knew that one day I would start my own company. As a student I was already running a small business together with my brother. However, after completing my education, I decided to first gain experience in the field of Research & Development and later in human resources.
My passion and ambition is to facilitate people and to let them excel, just giving them a nice experience. After a successful corporate career, time has come to start this new initiative.
Creating a society rather than a company in which young people experience the true value of great a career. That’s what Bright Society stands for.”

PHONE: +31(0)6 506 320 86

Leon van Gerwen
“After my masters in Mechanical Engineering I have always worked in the high tech industry. Starting as an engineer I further developed my skills in project and program management, more particularly in the field of high tech system development. Switching to the staffing business I experienced my true passion, to bring people together and make them shine. I always encourage creativity and entrepreneurship, in order to expose confidence and reveal talent. I believe in strong communities, based on trust and true human interaction. Bright Society brings this alive; a society of brilliant Bright people, inspiring each other and sharing valuable experiences.”

PHONE: +31(0)6 218 094 96

Marcel Borst
“After my masters in Industrial engineering and management I have served the high tech industry for 20 years as an entrepreneur within a technical oriented staffing organization. Mostly as a branch manager building relationships that were innovative from the competition. After a successful corporate career time has come to join a new initiative. I believe in cooperative relationships build out of the ambition of our partners, based on trust and true human interaction. My passion lies in understanding the often complex customer partnerships and act from there. Bright Society brings this alive; a society of Bright people, inspiring each other and adding a unique value to our partners.”

PHONE: +31(0)6 515 220 30

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