Are you chasing the Dollar?
Make the quick buck, get a management title and a salary to sustain your exuberant life style! This way of career building used to be the main goal for young talent in the eighties. However, ask them how they are doing right now. Did they chase the dollar or did they chase the dream? Did they do what seemed safe or did they do what felt right? Did they try to survive, or did they try to thrive? Though they have a large house, a company car and expensive toys, most of them wish they had done things differently. Most have left their passion behind on the road to “success”. Sadly money and status cannot buy you a second chance choosing your first job.

Or are you chasing the Dream?
You are the generation of Malala, standing up for the rights of girls to go to school. You are also the generation of Jack Andraka, developing an early detection test for pancreatic cancer. Start the road of your career by doing what you love, just chasing your dreams. This road will never be a straight line. It will have bends, exits and bumps. Al these will add up to your experience and your future choices. Bright Society will help to keep you on the road towards your dream. Facilitated by experienced people, who have walked those roads before, you will stay on track. Wherever you go.


Bright Events
With Experience we do not only mean things you know or learn, we also mean things you experience. Life is not only learning, life is about living, feeling, touching and tasting. Just undergoing the multitude of surroundings you will encounter. Bright Society facilitates these happenings as an addition to your day-to-day working rhythm. A good example is a Bright Talk, where people share a story to inspire others. This can be work or personal related. About break troughs they experienced, music or travels they made or lessons they learnt. We all have our own small prides, why not share them with so that others can learn or enjoy!

TED is a good example for the sharing of passion, they have good talks that show passion, like the one we share here.