Interim Society

Experienced professionals that add color to their career

Are you that experienced professional that is dreading mondays?
Have you stopped thinking and are you just doing?
Do you simply want a change of pace?

This starts with a short yet difficult question, what’s next?
What is your next step, at what pace, in what direction?

By actively taking part in this conversation you will gain new insights to help you form answers, new answers that lead to surprising challenges. We’re here to facilitate, from the question to the answer. We don’t look from a company point of view, we look from your point of view. Contact us for an open discussion at our table and bring color to your career.

color girl3

More experienced professionals require a more dedicated approach. Mediation on personal touch, using our excisting connections to find the right person for the right position. These professionals are soley approached trough our network, all worth of mouth, all personal connections. With these connections we build a new Society, a society where the more experienced meet and share, this is the unique composition of Interim Society, where professionals meet professions. Through our vast network we facilitate the demand for staffing in any form; flex, fixed or in between. With our 80 years of combined experience in staffing & recruiting we provide sollutions on all ranges, from junior to director level.

Flexibility is key in the Interim Society, recognizing that experienced professionals have their own needs. We are able to facilitate contracting in any form, tailor made to the professionals needs.